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Talking to Your Parents About Finances and Downsizing
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Talking to Your Parents About Finances and Downsizing
Talking to Your Parents About Finances and Downsizing

Caring for your elderly parents is not just about booking them a trip to the Bahamas, buying expensive gifts for their anniversary, or making sure they follow the doctor’s orders. It’s beyond that. There comes a point where you need to make a tough decision around their finances and downsizing. It’s not particularly an exciting subject to discuss but it’s a topic that must be broached all the same and with empathy, while laying out all available options. One of such options is an independent senior living community.

An independent senior living community is a housing arrangement for seniors or retirees who desire an active lifestyle without the cost of managing a home. It offers basic housekeeping services and in some cases, emergency alert systems. However, it doesn’t cater for activities of daily living (ADLs).

Discovery Village communities also provide care for seniors with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia and have varied specialized services in addition to the basic services offered by other independent senior living communities.

Having the Talk with Your Aging Parents

There’s a chance your aging parents have subconsciously pushed off this topic. There are a few reasons for this:

  • Downsizing means they will declutter and they do not want to do that just yet because of the fond memories built around their possessions.
  • Bringing up their finances and asking uncomfortable questions about wills, insurance policies, mortgages, debts and tax is too much to grapple with.
  • They don’t think they are ready yet. Some aging parents are convinced they are as fit as a fiddle, so why should anyone talk about finances and downsizing now?

Getting Your Elderly Parents to Address the Issue of Downsizing and Finances

Here are a few tips to help you navigate the conversation with your parents.

1. Test the Waters

Find out beforehand how they would react to discussions around their finances and the idea of downsizing by creating hypothetical situations. This could be during a light-hearted conversation, while watching a movie or walking them to their friend’s. That way, you can tell what exactly you’re up against. It gives a preview to their resistance level.

2. Be Factual

It could get emotional talking about downsizing, relocating, will and wealth distribution but state why it’s necessary to plan ahead of time. Provide the necessary information as it relates to legal support and professional assistance. You must have done your homework beforehand so you can have ready answers to plausible questions and allay their fears.

3. Carry Them Along

Even for aging parents who are suffering from memory loss or illnesses that affect their cognitive abilities, it’s only fair you include them in the planning and execution. Run every strategy by them and ask for their opinions too. Give them the room to tell you their expectations and challenges.

4. Give Them Time

Don’t expect that both parents would be on the same page with you immediately. Don’t push for them to take a stand all at once. Give them the required information and let them make research by themselves if they wish to.

5. Involve Other Family Members

It’s more effective when there’s a united, formidable front. Other family members should assist in outlining the importance of downsizing and planning their finances to your parents. This can be during reunions, birthday parties or thanksgiving.

6. Be Respectful and Empathetic

In being concerned, don’t lean towards pity or outright condescension. Don’t make it look like you don’t trust their judgement or respect their views. Assure them that you’re always going to care for them no matter what option they choose.

7. The Earlier, the Better

It’s necessary to guard against procrastination. “Convenient time” is a myth because there’s really never a convenient time. We only make time for what we deem as a priority.

Learn More About Services for Seniors at Discovery Village

Discovery Village offers programs for seniors recovering from injuries, those needing assistance with ADLs, and services for residents who only desire the camaraderie of communal living.

Some of our services include but not limited to:

Our community locations include the following:

Contact Discovery Village online or call us at today to learn more about any of our communities.

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