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Keeping Your Body Moving at Any Age
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Keeping Your Body Moving at Any Age
Keeping Your Body Moving at Any Age

At Discovery Villages, we help our Senior Citizens find the best forms of physical fitness exercises and programs to help them live their most vibrant life.  We support our older adults by taking into consideration their mobility, levels of ability and injuries to provide safe, fun and engaging activities. Talk to our staff at Discovery Villages today about all they ways we can help you or your loved one improve their overall wellness and health.  

 It’s never too late to start exercising and taking care of your body!  Maintaining an active lifestyle improves the quality of life at any age. 

Did you know that there is a much greater risk to the health of older adults if they stay seated or sedentary for long periods of time?  It is important for Senior Adults to have planned activities to counteract the risks of staying still.

Did you know that according to the National Institute of Aging, even older adults ages 90 and beyond, still benefit greatly from exercise?  Studies prove that all senior citizens who get some form of consistent exercise (even those adults ages 90 and beyond!) are less fragile, have less diseases and chronic conditions.

Did you know that staying active does not just improve physical mobility?  It can also significantly improve sleep, boost confidence levels and help achieve proper brain function (counteracting memory loss, cognitive decline, dementia, etc.)

When Senior Citizens have a committed practice to Muscle Strengthening, Flexibility Training, and Aerobic Exercise, they can often slow down or reverse the chronic conditions, diseases and disabilities that come with aging.  

  • Muscle Strengthening helps Senior Citizens prolong their independence and maintain proper metabolic functions, which can keep their weight and blood sugar levels in check.  Older adults that are in good health, ages 65 and older should workout the major muscle groups in the body at least twice a week. These major muscle groups include the legs, hips, abdomen, chest, shoulders and arms.  A physical therapist or personal trainer can help find best practices for an individual to strengthen these specific areas, but some examples might involve gentle weight lifting, pilates and yoga.  Carrying grocery bags, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, and gardening are also some everyday options that can make a big difference. 
  • Aerobic Training helps Senior Citizens maintain their stamina levels, so that they can continue to enjoy an active and engaging lifestyle.  Aerobic Training improves the heart, lung and circulatory functions, as well as balance and coordination.  Older adults that are in good health, ages 65 and older should do about 150 minutes a week of moderate Aerobic training.  Moderate aerobic training means faster breathing and a raised heart rate.   Yoga, Tai Chi (as well as some other Martial Arts), dancing, walking fast, and water aerobics are great options.   
  • Flexibility Training helps Senior Citizens prevent serious injuries and falls, as well as recover quicker if these incidences happen.  Keeping the body limber by stretching the muscles and tissues helps older adults maintain their range of motion, allowing them to continue doing physical activities and daily tasks.  Older adults should practice stretching the major muscle groups and tendons two days a week for about ten minutes.  Flexibility exercises should always be performed after the body is warmed up, so older adults should do some kind of aerobics training before.

Here are some tips for Older Adults starting a Fitness & Exercise Regimen

  1. Older adults should check in with their medical providers and physical therapists to ensure their new exercise regimens are safe and appropriate for their current body condition.
  2. Older adults should keep in mind their health issues, concerns and limitations, so that they can stay safe while doing exercises.  A physical therapist or other fitness expert can help monitor this as well. 
  3. Older adults should commit to exercise a few times per week.  Remember slow and steady wins the race.  Older adults should start small by doing some gentle exercises for a few minutes each week, which can then lay the foundation for a stronger body and mind over time.
  4. During a fitness regimen, older adults should occasionally check in with their body.  If something hurts, feels unusual or they experience chest pain, dizziness, cold sweats, swollen joints, or shortness of breath, they should contact a medical professional.  A physical therapist or other fitness expert can help monitor this as well. 
  5. Older adults can stay accountable to their new exercise regimens by joining a fitness group or class.  At Discovery Villages, older adults are encouraged to participate in classes and physical activities through our Dimensions Wellness Programs.  These programs help our Seniors remain not only committed to physical wellness, but can be an uplifting, fun and socially engaging time spent with others.  Even those with disabilities and injuries can find a form of physical activity that they can safely do to help them live a better life at Discovery Villages.  Come visit us today, and learn about the many Wellness Programs we offer.

Discovery Village at Southlake offers a variety of senior living programs to keep seniors healthy and active. Learn about our senior living options and amenities today when you contact us at 682.253.8966.

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