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WebP Images Extension by FMEExtensions
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It is probably something you have heard of if you want to optimize the performance of your website. Google developed the WEBP file format which is supported by a number of browsers.

It is probably something you have heard of if you want to optimize the performance of your website. Google developed the WEBP file format which is supported by a number of browsers. The size of the file makes it popular. It is compact and loads quickly. For Magento2 sites that feature many images, this is especially important.


  1. Improved Website Performance
  2. Boosted SEO
  3. Increased Traffic
  4. Better Customer Retention
  5. Reduced Bounce Rates
  6. Higher Google Positions

Next-Generation File Format

The WebP file format replaces older formats such as PNG, JPG, and GIF, developed when website performance was not as critical to SEO or Google ranking. The WebP file format is small and it has a direct effect on the performance of a website.  Using the Magento 2 WebP Image extension, images can be automatically and manually converted to WebP format.

Improved Website Performance

It is important to remember that the performance of your website affects your search engine ranking on Google. You will find several reasons why it isn't what you expected. It is easy to see why Magento 2 is behind slow-loading websites, however. It takes longer to load an image with a larger size, and the longer it takes to load the page, the worse the performance of the website overall. By using the Magento 2 WebP Images extension, you can avoid this issue and create faster websites.

Better SEO Ranking

As mentioned earlier, there is a direct correlation between website performance and your position on Google. Google's priority is to provide our users with the best possible results. But even if your content is the best, people won't know about it because your site loads slowly. Convert your images to a smaller WebP format than regular PNG, JPG, or GIF formats to improve your website's performance and overall SEO.

File Size Reduction up to 50%

The reason WEBP is so popular is because of its size, but mainly because of its quality. With WebP Image Extensions, you can reduce the size of your images by up to 50% while preserving the quality of your images. It can be difficult to tell the difference between the original image and  WebP. The only difference is the size and charging speed.

Conversion Settings Change

When configuring the Magento 2 Webp Images extension, you have several options to choose from. You can select the quality of the image. This affects the size of the image. However,  you may want to change the settings. You don't like the quality, you want to make it even smaller, or you need some other reason. With this extension, you can change the settings at any time. You have to clear the WebP cache, delete the converted images, and set new options.

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