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Which Car Engine to Buy Petrol or Diesel?

Which Car Engine to Buy Petrol or Diesel?
Are you debating whether to buy a petrol or diesel engine? We know both engines are different in their performance, efficiency, & accuracy. So, before buying a new or used engine, you need to know...

Are you debating whether to buy a petrol or diesel engine? We know both engines are different in their performance, efficiency, & accuracy. So, before buying a new or used engine, you need to know all the merits and demerits of both petrol & diesel engines car. It will help you to find the best engine for your vehicle. Firstly, let us have a look at what petrol and diesel engine is.

What is a Petrol engine?

Petrol engines are usually used in Cars, Scooters, machines, etc. It is an internal combustion engine that has spark-ignition. They run on highly volatile fuels such as petrol. The petrol engine is also known as a gasoline engine.

What is a Diesel engine?

Generally, Trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles run on a diesel engine. It is also said to be an internal combustion engine that runs on diesel. The diesel engine is also known as a compression-ignition engine where the fuel is injected into a combustion chamber and is then ignited by the high temperature of the air in the chamber. Also, it works on low volatile fuels.

How to choose the Best Engine? 

Selecting between petrol or diesel engine is the first thing which comes to your mind when you are planning to buy a new or used car engine. Fuel is considered to be the most important factor which may affect the decision of buying a luxurious car. So, before buying a new or used honda engine, Used Chevy Engine, used BMW engine, used ford engine or any other engine, you need to check the difference between petrol & diesel engine car. Let’s start:

Difference Between Petrol and Diesel engine:

Engine cost:

Petrol engines cost less compared to diesel engines. The showroom price between diesel and petrol vehicles differs from 1 to 1.5 Lakhs.



The mileage of the petrol engine is lesser than that of a diesel engine. As we all know that a diesel engine does not require a spark plug and thus it has higher compression. Besides, diesel engines utilize more fuel as compared to petrol engines.


Diesel engines are more robust compared to petrol engines. They also have higher torque and provide a smoother drive experience. On the other hand, noise and vibrations in diesel engines are higher than in petrol engines. In petrol engines, the power developed is low due to the compression ratio, whereas in diesel engines it is more.

Maintenance Cost:

If you calculate the maintenance cost between Petrol engines and Diesel engines, the maintenance cost of the diesel engine is higher than the petrol engine. Even if you see the consumables like engine oil and spares used in diesel vehicles, they are more expensive as compared to petrol engines. 

To Sum up:

The decision between a Diesel engine or a Petrol engine depends on your driving habits. If you like to travel long distances, you will get benefits from diesel engines. But, if you are a new driver and you have chosen a diesel engine for shorter trips, your engine will start deteriorating quickly and even require frequent services to run smoothly. In short, deciding between petrol engine or diesel engine, the best course of action is to sit down with your calculator and compare between both the engines based on Price, Oil efficiency, and of course Maintenance cost. Comparison between both fuel types will help you to understand which car engine is best for your vehicle.

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