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What Is Endogenous Depression?
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What Is Endogenous Depression?
Everything about Endogenous depression that you should know about to take good care of your health.

Endogenous depression is a major depressive disorder (MDD); it is considered distinct and rarely diagnosed. Currently, it gets interpreted as MDD, which, in other words, is also known as clinical depression. 

This feeling is a sort of mood disorder that makes one feel persistently sad, depressed, demotivated. And this feeling is for extended periods until it gets treated. 

These feelings, somewhere down the line, hurt the mood and behavior of a person. Along with that, it also affects physical functions, which leads to loss of sleep and appetite. 

If you or someone you know is dealing with endogenous depression, you need to understand what steps to take. 

Conditions like this should never get delayed since it deteriorates one's health and well-being. 

Why does it occur?

People who go through such a kind of depression are still unknown.  There are many possible reasons why it occurs, which can be understandable by the doctor or the person suffering from it.

Since there are unlimited reasons to deal with such issues, a combination can cause it.

  • genetic factors

  • biological factors

  • psychological factors

  • environmental factors

How Does Endogenous Depression Differ from Exogenous Depression?

The difference between endogenous depression and exogenous depression occurs by looking at the presence or absence of a stressful event before the onset of MDD.

Endogenous depression happens when there is no such presence of stress or trauma in a patient's life. In other words, it doesn't occur due to an existing or apparent outside cause. 

Instead, the primary reason for it can be genetic and biological factors. It is why endogenous depression is called “biologically based” depression.

Exogenous depression, on the other hand, is opposite to endogenous. It happens after a stressful or traumatic event takes place and there is an effect of outside factors. This type of depression has another term named “reactive” depression.

Most healthcare professionals now differentiate based on the symptoms and causes of stress.

Some people become depressed after losing their job, losing their loved ones, ending a long-term serious relationship, or experiencing trauma. However, endogenous depression occurs without any stressful event or symptoms. 

How Does Endogenous Depression Differ from Exogenous Depression?

Researchers do not have a valid way to declare or differentiate endogenous depression and exogenous depression. Since the only form of differentiation is by the presence or absence of a stressful event.

Endogenous depression occurs without any sort of presence of stress or trauma. In other words, there is no cause, stress factor, or external cause. Instead, the primary reason is  as discussed above; therefore, in medical terms, this type of depression is named as a biological factor 

While talking about Exogenous depression. It happens only after a severe, stressful, or traumatic event in an individual's life. The other term for this type of depression is “reactive” depression.

What Are the Symptoms of Endogenous Depression?

People suffering from depression start to experience many unwanted, unnatural symptoms. Severity, frequency, and type of symptoms vary based on the person's mental state and well-being. 

The symptoms of endogenous depression include:

  • Consistent feelings of heaviness, sadness are occupied throughout the day and even at night.

  • A sudden loss of interest in all activities or hobbies that once meant a lot to you, including sex

  • eating nothing to overeating

  • lack of motivation to do almost everyday tasks

  • trouble in concentrating, unable to process, thinking, decision making, and something similar to it.

  • difficulty to stay and fall asleep

  • Severe social isolation, being alone

  • Suicidal thoughts

  • Nagging in the head and headaches

  • Severe muscle aches

Depression can happen to anyone, regardless of them stressing or non stressing in their life. The factors can be physical health issues, trauma, and more. Therefore, it is essential to keep track of your health to make the right and intelligent decision.


Now that you know so much about endogenous depression. You can differentiate this type of depression from the other ones. If you want to know more, visit Learn more about the professionals and get yourself the best and quickest treatment possible!

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