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What Are Some Latest Frameworks For Hybrid Mobile Apps?
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What Are Some Latest Frameworks For Hybrid Mobile Apps?
All you need to know about the latest trends and frameworks for hybrid mobile apps. These apps can be very useful and effective for your business.

The use of mobile apps has become a mandatory and effective approach for the business. Applications must run on multiple platforms. Using the cross-platform mobile development approach, the solution can be developed cost-effectively and efficiently. Hybrid mobile apps depicts itself as this is an approach that is resulting in the development of apps having the capability to run on several operating systems. 


Collaborating with foundations of hybrid mobile apps is an easier solution for developers. As it enables them to write code only once and that app will run on multiple platforms that don't require any other effort. The app will run on multiple devices such as android and ios and that code can be utilised by them again for better and progressive applications. 


Major Approaches are as follows-

React Native

In native development, apps can be built by utilising only javascript. It applies the same design as react and enables you to produce rich and seamless UI mobile through utilising declarative components. By using these frameworks, you are not able to build just a mobile app, or a hybrid app or a html5 app. You can create a real mobile app that is not differentiable through the app built by utilization of objective-c or java. 


The react native utilises the same foundations for building a mobile web app that is used in ios and android. You just need to put UI building blocks together by using javascript and react. 


Ionic Framework

The foundation of ionic is considered as a fully open-source SDK for hybrid mobile app development. It delivers tools and technologies for the development of hybrid mobile apps, with the assistance of CSS, HTML and Saas. Apps can be developed by using these technologies and then they get distributed through the native app stores which are supposed to be installed on devices. 


The Ionic framework is completely free and open-source, it has been licensed under MIT and it is powered by a wide community. They consist of 120 device native features which include Bluetooth, fingerprint authentication, health kit and more with phone gap plugin. You can use its CLI for the purpose of creating, building, testing and deploying ionic apps to run on multiple platforms. 


Native script’

This is mainly created by progress at its origin, native script apps are developed through using javascript, or by using any other language which is developed and comes from javascript. This app foundation for developing hybrid mobile apps has deeper integration with the angular version. This includes full-stack features and integration with angular CLI and router support and a better generation of code. 


The mobile apps which are developed through native script are using the same API which they might have used in Android Studio or Xcode. This includes getting native UI Platforms without the use of web views and operating with native performance. Moreover, the developers can reuse libraries of third parties through android arsenal, Maven or npm.js. Jscrambler is the suggested solution for protecting native script applications. 



The quasar is operated by vue.js as it allows developers to build and write code in real-time and ready to make deployment of the website at the same time. Quasar showcases state of the art UI, which follows google material guidelines. This framework has its main emphasis on a great performance. This also delivers cache busting and tree shaking and also includes source mapping and code splitting and lazy coding. 



With this framework, developers can prevail over the benefit of additional features such as hot reloading, and it is 100 % free and has its license under MIT. 


Kendo UI

This base offers an exclusive and extended collection of UI components of Javascript and it includes a library of angular, react, jquery or Vue with the motive to build hybrid mobile apps. This framework enables developing teams to build more effective hybrid mobile apps delivering seamless and excellent performance. This is an open-source framework although it is not free to use as they are targeting enterprises as their customers. 


This is an enterprise grading solution as multiple companies are associated with it and this delivers dedicated support to their customers. It is equipped with dozens and ready to use widgets so no free version is available right now. 


Final words

The hybrid mobile app development has grown at a rapid pace in the past years. Every developing team is working to build hybrid mobile apps as comparatively, it delivers better ROI. 

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