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Https://www. thetexasattorney. com/personal-injury/pharmaceutical-litigation/

Https://www. thetexasattorney. com/personal-injury/pharmaceutical-litigation/
If you are in Texas and a defective drug has taken a toll on your health and wellbeing, you can seek a Dallas Injury Attorney who can assist you with your claims.

5 Things to know before Hiring any Dallas Injury Lawyers

What is a personal injury? It is a physical or mental injury to a person caused at any point in time, whether at work or any other location. An injury can be minor or significant. Minor injuries are covered easily by medical insurance and workers’ compensation. A visit or two to the doctor and you are good to go. However, when there is a significant injury there, the results can be even more devastating. You may need to fight for a claim with the employer and the insurance provider or even check for compensation under the worker’s compensation contract. If you have been issued a faulty medical device or prescribed a drug that causes dangerous side effects, you need to seek pharmaceutical lawyers’ assistance. Dallas injury attorneys mostly handle personal injury cases in Texas.

How is pharmaceutical litigation different from an accidental one?

Before you jump to the conclusion of hiring a lawyer, you need to understand the difference between pharmaceutical lawyers and personal injury or accident lawyers. A pharmaceutical lawyer is more well versed in fighting cases related to the pharmaceutical and medical industry. Even though pharmaceutical lawyers are a part of personal injury law, the trial and the process are entirely different from a personal accident injury. There is an actual occurrence of a physical accident.

Such is not the case with pharmaceutical lawyers. They may have to fight for the rights of a victim who has incurred a medical issue or a side effect due to prolonged use of medication. There can be immediate side effects that the patient can report or even side effects that can show symptoms after a year or two. There are cases fought in courts that have gone up to 15 years to prove that the medication does more damage to a person than healing them. Dallas injury attorney who specializes in such cases must be your first step if you or anyone you know need to file litigation against a pharmaceutical company.

Here are the 5 things you need to know before hiring a Dallas Injury Lawyer

  • The Fees of the lawyer

Not that every lawyer charges high fees, but pharmaceutical lawyers have to go for a class action when it comes to healthcare litigation. They may need to gather evidence from other patients who have faced the same kind of side effects and injury as you have. It involves technical and research knowledge to understand the drug’s composition and why it causes the side effect. Only then can a lawyer build a strong theory for the case. Hence, the fees for fighting the lawsuit are high, making pharmaceutical lawyers’ fees higher than usual.

  • The timeline of the case

You will need to understand the timeline of the case from your lawyer. Before hiring a Dallas Injury Attorney, you will need to be sure that you have not just the money but all the time to fight the litigation. A lawyer will give you an approximate timeline. Court hearings are subject to the court dates, but documentation, filing a claim, gathering evidence can start right away. After speaking to a few of the lawyers, you will need to understand if they are open to talking about how long the trial might take. It is very unlikely that it will be a short one. Pharmaceutical healthcare institutions have lawyers at their disposal who fight such litigation daily. Hence they might even have enough evidence to treat your claim as an open and shut case.

  • Who will fight the case?

When you visit a lawyer’s office, you will interact with several people. The one who provides you information is not the exact attorney who might fight your case. It is a widespread practice. But in the end, you get to decide who fights the case for you. If you are open to giving a new attorney a chance under the guidance of an experienced lawyer, or you need to hire an experienced Dallas injury attorney itself. By any chance, you should not be kept in the dark about the lawyer who is working on your case. If so, you may find different faces representing you for a court trial. It is even more difficult to maintain uniform communication and understand who is responsible for a pharmaceutical trial. Hence you need to know who exactly is taking responsibility for your case. 

  • Pharmaceutical lawyer’s course of action.

Pharmaceutical litigation is much more complex than personal injury litigation due to an accident or any other cause. Simply because it involves research and biotechnology that is used in developing a particular drug or medical device. Therefore fighting cases under product defect litigation or dangerous drug litigation are two different things. Dangerous drug litigation will take more time and effort to win the case as it has to prove many essential things that are wrong with the drug and even providing an alternative medical present in the market.

A product defect litigation can be a marketing, supply chain, or stocking defect. The medical device or the drug has adverse effects, not because of its components but because any loopholes present its manufacturing or supply chain. There are very few cases where drug companies admit that their drug has potentially harmful side effects.

Hence a Dallas Injury attorney will mention the various litigation approaches and the pros and cons of each.

  • Resources of the attorney

Any Dallas Injury Attorney must have the resources to take up a pharmaceutical case. This need not mean that they need to have their research center. However, what they should have are connections and tools to get all the research work done. They must also have the following resources to fight pharmaceutical litigation.

  • Pharmaceutical lawyers
  • Junior associates
  • Solid track record of previous cases
  • Information technology infrastructure
  • Connections in the market gathering evidence


These are some of the resources lawyers need to have at their disposal. You must be sure of these before hiring a lawyer.


The pharmaceutical lawyers are well versed in the documentation and fighting a lawsuit for their client who has faced severe side effects due to a drug or medical device. In such cases, the lawyer needs to be sure that a particular drug is causing problems, and hence cases related to the pharmaceutical companies are mostly class action lawsuits. If you are in Texas and a defective drug has taken a toll on your health and wellbeing, you can seek a Dallas Injury Attorney who can assist you with your claims.

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