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How Can Gamification Help in Boosting User Engagement?
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How Can Gamification Help in Boosting User Engagement?
Let’s have a brief look at what Gamification is and how it is boosting user engagement in the mobile health apps.

Gamification has proven itself in almost every aspect. It has played a crucial role in product marketing to attract consumers and amaze them with cool, new features. Its success is not limited to the entertainment sector, it has been used in patrician purpose as well. It includes treating disorders and diseases in patients.

Including Gamification in a healthcare mobile app development means creating a health app with characteristics like rewards, challenges, and moving to the next level based on the performance. These all are the metrics that track patients’ progress and motivate them to overcome their disease.

In most of the sectors, Gamification has been utilized successfully and is enhancing user engagement. Let’s have a brief look at what Gamification is and how it is boosting user engagement in the mobile health apps.


What Is Gamification?

Gamification is the application of crucial elements of game mechanics like video games, that prompts user behavioral change and encourage them to achieve the targeted goals. It has the characteristics like liveliness, challenges, rewards, transparency, and fun facilitate participation and competition, thus boosts user engagement and enhances their experience with the app.

As per the report, “it is expected that Gamification market will expand from $4.90 billion in 2016 to approx $12 billion by the year 2021”

Now here comes the most asked question,”how Gamification helps in boosting user engagement in the health mobile app”


Nowadays, VR apps and mobile games are capable of dealing with the huge global healthcare market. As per the report, the revenue for medication of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder has reached more than $13 billion in the US alone, and this stat is expected to hit $17 billion by the year 2020.

In the study conducted in M2, “in order to expand advanced healthcare system across the global, Gamification plays a key role”. Today, many medical platforms are adopting this approach to offer simulation, storyline environment, and animation.

Let’s have a look at some of the core features of Gamification.


1. Digital Engagement

Gamification offers digital engagement that helps app developers hold users’ attention and digitally engage them with the app. Also, doctors suggest this platform to the patients who suffer from psychological problems such as depression, to divert their mind.

2. Game Mechanics

This technique includes the use of certain components in the app such as reward points, badges, leaderboards, and so on. These aspects encourage users to get more engaged with the app. With each level crossed, patients feel more confident and comfortable, thus it keeps them diverted from negative aspects.


3. Experience Designs

Here app owners track the journey of the users with crucial app elements. They keep a record whether or not users are engaging with the app as expected, like booking an appointment, playing a game, adding story, and so on.


4. Boost Confidence


Gamification focuses on pushing user boundaries and encourage them to achieve goals. Though most goals are aligned with the app users, if accomplished, it will provide benefit to enterprises, as well.


Benefits of Gamification

Below mentioned are the various benefits of Gamification.


1. Motivates knowledge Acquisition


Including the gamification approach in the healthcare app development encourages patients who suffer from a disease that needs to be examined. On the other hand, it will help healthy people maintain their health.

As per the Sustainability, Gamification has the potential to increase user engagement and participation in the healthcare mobile apps among all age groups, especially youngsters. It helps users explore new stages/levels in the app and improve learning as well.


2. Create curiosity for Information

Gamification technique enhances dedication and competitiveness and helps users focus while using the game. In this method, it allows users to surge up their brains and learn new things. With the continuity of the game, users’ learning power also increase especially in the point when they have to learn or remember new health vocabulary and concepts.


3. Introduces health and well-being elements

In order to increase user engagement with the app, Gamification technique includes a new, unique option/feature of education. It involves the subjects, concepts, or questions that students face while studying their book syllabus. In the app, with Gamification technique, healthcare app developers provide users with puzzles and quests related to the healthcare platforms.

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