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Security Camera Systems – List of Valuable Tips for Selecting Security Cameras

Security Camera Systems – List of Valuable Tips for Selecting Security Cameras
Security cameras are installed to do surveillance and monitoring of certain areas, like entry/exit points and places of restricted access.

Security cameras are installed to do surveillance and monitoring of certain areas, like entry/exit points and places of restricted access. Whether for your household or business, they prove to be valuable and helpful in preventing crime and in catching perpetrators. They can help you identify certain individuals before you open the door for them, too. The key is to find the right cameras that will suit your requirements and your level of security. There are many different security cameras available today, and these tips should make it easier for you to pick the best equipment from all of the choices available. 

  • Identify your security requirements – Do you want the cameras to be concealed or serve as a deterrent? Who will need to monitor? Box cameras are typically bulky and can easily be spotted, so they make people know that they are being watched. Dome cameras are more discreet due to their smaller and compact sizes. PZT (pan tilt zoom) cameras may be practical for monitoring areas that are expansive and may have a lot of moving subjects.
  • Determine where the cameras will be placed – Modern high-end security cameras can be placed indoors and outdoors, but you need to consider their housing and mounting features. If you are placing them outdoors, make sure that they are rated IP68 and designed to withstand cold, humidity, moisture, and warmth. Some cameras come with special features, like a robust housing or box that can protect them from harsh environments high levels of vibration and extreme temperatures are common. 
  • Consider the areas that need to be watched – Talk to your security manager or work with a CCTV expert to assess the mount of cameras that you need. PTZ security cameras are ideal for large and spacious areas due to their ability to zoom and move, and their vast range of view. So, you could do with only a few strategically installed units to lower the costs. However, if you only need to monitor a small or limited space, consider static surveillance cameras.
  • Take note of the lighting conditions – Consider cameras with night vision if you will be placing them outdoors or in areas that are not likely to have adequate lighting at some time of the day or night. Some cameras come with light filtering to minimize glare and help create clear images.  

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