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Points to Remember Before Buying Top Drive Drill Online

Points to Remember Before Buying Top Drive Drill Online
One of the most essential mechanical devices on a drilling rig is the top drive, which provides clockwise torque necessary to drill the borehole.

One of the most essential mechanical devices on a drilling rig is the top drive, which provides clockwise torque necessary to drill the borehole. A top drive drill is an alternative to a kelly drive and rotary table, and it is found at the swivel area, beneath the traveling block, and moves up and down the derrick. The top drive reduces risks and enhances safety while drilling, while minimizing manual labor, which was previously the norm when drilling wells. Hence, you need to make sure that you are buying one that is guaranteed and proven reliable and cost-effective for your operation. Here are some points to remember before you buy a top drive drill online: 

  • Look for an established and reputable supplier that is based locally – Buy top drive drills only from a reliable supplier of new and remanufactured gas and oil drilling equipment. Find unbiased feedback and testimonials about the supplier to verify their claims and the quality of their products and services from previous customers. Consider a supplier that has an extensive global network of contacts in the drilling equipment market, so they can easily locate a top drive drill and other specialty oil and gas drilling equipment you will need for your operations. 
  • Choose top drives from proven and reputable brands – Whether you are buying a new or remanufactured top drive drill, make sure that it is from a good brand like Maritime Hydraulic, NorDrill, Canrig, Varco, and TESCO. That way, you can be more confident in the performance of your choice of top drive, and you can avoid the guesswork and risks associated with generic equipment that has not been proven reliable in the oil industry.

  • Consider the top drive’s operation – Many top drives are fully automated, offering maximum torque and rotational control along. Some can control the weight on a bit, too. Make sure the top drive is ideal for your job site, such as offshore and onshore rigs. 
  • Make sure it is certified – Some of the best top drives bear certificates of conformance from NOV to prove that they have been inspected before storage and that they have been rebuilt by their manufacturer. Consider a top drive drill that is certified to meet the demands and standards of the drilling industry for safety and performance. 

About The Company:

Henderson rigs & equipment is a company based in Houston specializing in the buying and selling of new, used and re-manufactured drilling equipment. They mainly deal in selling oil rigs, mud pumps, drawworks, and top drives to the domestic and international drilling contractors.

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Henderson rigs & equipment have an extensive array of drilling equipment for sale. We buy and sell used drilling equipment, especially oil rigs, mud pumps, drawworks, and top drives.